The ideological war is a race war

16 May

Africa has found itself often the carcass that vultures of academia and intelligentsia feast on. Having failed hundreds of years ago to realize that the war of ideas is more important than the wars Europeans and later Americans were bringing to it. The war of ideas I speak of is the world of thinking new societies. These ideas are at the pillar of society. They include the idea of the state, the idea of central governance, the idea or law, justice, religion, democracy, colonization, apartheid, rights etc.
The white race has always understood that the cultures that give the world a direction will always dominate through its ideas and drill them into the skull of all through civilization, education, media and all available avenues.
Africa has allowed itself, mainly by the greed of its ruling elite and the laziness of its academia, to be the doormat of ideas. There is absolutely no reason why any country in Africa should subscribe to the idea of the state as dreamed by the very same people who colonized Africa. The is not a single white man who seats and think ‘what idea can I push down Africa’s throat that will make Africa great’. Every idea handed down to us by our colonizers is poisonous to our course, that is to those who understand the need for Africa to return to itself and be itself.
While most African ‘liberal-pan-africanists’ would jump around for shallow changes like changing the name of the state. I argue that every African country needs to remake the state if they need to and must think of something better than the state, something that put people at the heart of it and not structures. Changing the name of Rhodesia to Zimbabwe did not cut Zimbabwe loose from the world economic system, or from its ties to Britain as its colonizer. It clearly did not make Zimbabwe the original project of the Zimbabweans. The Zimbabweans have been merely continuing the project of the white race. And this is why when the Africans of Zimbabwe fight with the Europeans-who forced themselves on Zimbabwe. The world economy can crush Zimbabwe from a distance. The same can be sad for many African states.
The Republic of South Africa subjects its citizens to the justice system based on the Roman-Dutch law. A stupid thinking process that is so foreign to the Africans in the country that they are helpless victims to it. This idea puts justice and the protection of the law above the citizens. The police are protectors of the law, not the person who has been treated unjustly. The idea is so vague and removed from serving the people that even criminals have no regard for it. Lazy to think and too busy feeding on themselves like beaten snakes, the Africans in the Republic of South Africa fight each other for the crumbs of the white world. They beg and bribe to be accepted to white clubs that fuel the white race. Whether it’s the World Cup soccer tournament or the United Nations. Africans are always ready to serve and fight for ideas of the white race whose purpose is to put the white race above any other race.
The torment of democracy is one of the most active ideological weapon. African who have fought to bring this idea to Africa are made instant heroes by the white race appreciating their ‘self-less-ness’ in destroying themselves so that the white race can win the war of ideas. Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu have been instant heroes through their fight for democracy. Although we chanted ‘freedom’ it seems those who led the fight knew exactly what they were in it for. The recent developments of putting South Africa above all African countries is no surprise because the Africans in South Africa have proven that they can inflict democracy upon themselves. This is a messy situation but we celebrate it anyway.
In Kenya Wangari Mathai has become the most globally recognized Kenyan. Her heroism comes from pushing another European idea that gives more power to the white race. It’s called global warming. The war of ideas is one that gives the dominant culture power to change, influence, shape and even control the world. White culture does that. They have thought the education system, they’ve thought the governing systems, they’ve thought the trading systems. The Asian continent has been able to free itself partly from this although one may argue they went to the belly of white ideas and learned them and adopted them into their own cultures. Africa has not been so forward in its thinking. Africa has swallowed and been swallowed by the ideas of whiteness, they are its loyal servants, but also they are its crawling babies, its doormat, its dog and when mating season comes, they are that too.
I am convinced that Africa is capable of thinking in and beyond this century. I know of the systems that my nation had were some great and some needing more work. The lack of the will or the denial of the existence of the race and ideological war makes Africa seem like a blind person in a totally silence world.  African leaders for generations have been fighting for freedom and self-determination. It is however said that they interpret self-determination as being able to name the streets and buildings within the land. This while they don’t fashion the ideologies that run the country and determines its contacts with the world.

NOTE: See the picture of the statue of Queen elizabeth found in Durban City Hall KZN. Note the Sceptor, Globe, abd the VR inscription at the bottom!!! (More will be revealed on these later)


13 Responses to “The ideological war is a race war”

  1. Elsabe van Vuuren June 29, 2011 at 10:53 am #

    Very good read.

  2. kagiso July 3, 2011 at 12:27 am #

    Black vs white.. The system wasn’t created to oppress anyone.. As with everything in life, it too can have positive and negative use.. I think it was created with good intent like many other creations..
    As for the black man’s current position in the world >>> failure to grow his thinking mechanism.. As blacks we feel like being something or someone is when we are like our white brothers.. We have no “self”.. Our ideas are not ours but are products of our conditioned minds..
    Free his mind first to get somewhere
    We still think stones have value >> DIAMONDS.. so that kinda gives an idea of how far everything is from the target..

  3. truthbetoldnotsold July 27, 2011 at 5:46 am #

    Thanks Elsabe. We are hoping to gravitate towards each other as humanity and take the politics out of the equation.
    No child should see another as a potential threat, the politicians must not have soldiers to carry out their ‘crusades’ either in the name of fighting terrorism or ‘national security’…we are pushing HUMAN SECURITY.

  4. Liam Uber August 25, 2011 at 2:19 am #

    I understand your antipathy to the intrusion of Western culture into Africa. In this Africa is not alone. Western culture also effectively conquered the Americas, and vast parts of Asia.

    However, I don’t see a coherent opposition. Chavez, Morales and Ahmedinejad don’t amount to much. I am surprised to learn from you and others that there is quite a lively antipathy going on in Africa, but it is seems more of a grumbling than a movement.

    The problem for you as a group is to clarify what you stand for, rather than just focusing on the negative aspects of your experience, your opposition to democracy, western jurisprudence, culture, and, I presume, science.

    I suspect coming up with an alternative vision would be impossible. I am interested in your thoughts.

  5. truthbetoldnotsold August 25, 2011 at 9:58 am #

    Thanks for engagement.
    @Kagiso I am ashamed by your ignorance, African people do not think diamonds have value, white people and politicians do.
    Black people told white people that the purified gold is found on the river banks but the real gold is found below the land of the dead, the gold there is evil and is being used by the devil to lure people to dig the earths crust and upset the balance, thus freeing the ‘serpent/evil/satan/demon’….WHITE PEOPLE TOLD US THIS IS NONSENSE AND THEY KILLED OUR FOREFATHERS AND DUG THE GOLD.

    as for “The system wasn’t created to oppress anyone.. As with everything in life, it too can have positive and negative use.. I think it was created with good intent like many other creations…” google the BERLIN CONFERENCE and read John Pliger, Naomi Klein, Moeletsi Mbeki(am hosting him next Monday at Gateway), Magema Fuze, Tim Wise….also see films Kingdom of Heaven, Troy, Book of El, …. Fanon, Biko. then I can share more information.

    With all due respcet my brother you have much reading and exposure needed for your opinions seem to suggest that which people like oprah and other fly-by-night motivational speakers always punt ‘take charge?’….you can’t take charge without the truth.

  6. truthbetoldnotsold August 25, 2011 at 10:04 am #


    This article is diagnosing and concludes that we can find solutions to this; also the tittle is ‘IDEOLOGICAL WAR IS THE RACE WAR’
    RACE: noun
    each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics : people of all races, colors, and creeds.
    • a group of people sharing the same culture, history, language, etc.; an ethnic group : we Scots were a bloodthirsty race then.
    • the fact or condition of belonging to such a division or group; the qualities or characteristics associated with this : people of mixed race.
    • a group or set of people or things with a common feature or features : some male firefighters still regarded women as a race apart.
    • Biology a population within a species that is distinct in some way, esp. a subspecies : people have killed so many tigers that two races are probably extinct.
    • (in nontechnical use) each of the major divisions of living creatures : a member of the human race | the race of birds.
    • poetic/literary a group of people descended from a common ancestor : a prince of the race of Solomon.
    • archaic ancestry : two coursers of ethereal race.

    The people of the Jaguar(America), the people of the Dragon(East) have accepted and defined themselves as better than the people of the LION(Africa). We cannot as African people impose our diagnosis on the East, I have never been to the East, I have been to the Schengen states and European states. I have worked with black Americans since 2002 so I can confirm that our situation is the same. In October I am meeting 140 black youths from all over the world, again I will get first hand information.
    I refuse to conclude on people based on the media because as a former journalist I know journalists lie.

  7. truthbetoldnotsold August 25, 2011 at 10:13 am #

    the Eastern people have not made a stand in regards Africa, the Schengen states, the Eastern Europe Socialists, and Communits have helped us dearly when democracts called us terrorists(see Mandela, PAC, AZAPO, Black Panther….all classified as terrorits) why then when we gain independence do we take our enemys ideology????????

  8. Liam Uber August 27, 2011 at 2:26 am #

    It would have been quite accurate 50 or 100 years ago to say that “Europeans” regarded themselves as superior to Africans. That is definitely changing, especially in that great melting pot, the USA where different groups intermingle a lot, quite happily most of the time. Informed people today regard those old attitudes as the result of prejudice and ignorance. The common humanity of people, their common human essence, far exceeds the superficial differences due to race or ethnicity. Also, remember, the US is no longer a majority “white” country.

    Your diagnosis of democracy as a tool of “torment” in the hands of the whites I think is a misdiagnosis. The power of democracy is the reason for its spread across the globe. It is a system of government that allows very large populations to cooperate economically and socially to produce great wealth. It has, therefore, allowed the development of immense military power, which, unfortunately can be used for unwise purposes. Democracy has been developed to the greatest degree by the English and the Americans, and they have been trying to share it with everyone. Their process of democracy has been on-going for hundreds of years.

    If Africa decides to go in a non-democratic direction, I fear it will remain behind economically. A fundamental purpose of democracy is to mitigate despotism and corruption. The problem, therefore, for an anti-democratic Africanism is not that there will be a lack of advanced ideas. Rather, the real problem will be that these ideas will be high-jacked by a charismatic, but corrupt, politician. Democracy also is an effective way of picking winners and losers from such new ideas.

    I think you are suggesting that African culture is not sympathetic to democracy. That may be true, but there is no reason why it cannot be acquired. In some parts of Africa that process is already underway.

  9. truthbetoldnotsold August 28, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    @Liam with all due respect you seem to debate from the most ignorant stand point. I cannot educate you on a blog. Let me recommend you get John Pilger’s books, Naomi Klein’s ‘No Logo’, Moeletsi Mbeki ‘Architects of Poverty’, Frantz Fanon, Steve Biko, Credo Mutwa, Also get a magazine called New African.

    I am not sure of your country of origin but in America the American people(Indians) are in the reserves and dire poverty, the Africans are suffering (New Orleans……), what of HAITI, Zimbabwe, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Palestine, India, Brazil, Azania, Congo, Saharwi lands,…..You seem to be the most unconscious being. Please may you read and get out of the cocoon. We are dying only November last year USAID/CAPRISA/South African Government injected 43 black women with AIDS in what they called an ‘AIDS GEL SUCCESS’…GOGGLE AIDS GEL TRIUMPH IN KWAZULU…..Please lets not make peoples death just intellectual entertainment. Lets find love in our hearts. Thursday 58 girls died in a bus that is a 38 seater, they were made by adults to sit in packs because they are small…do you know why black people cannot afford transport that is safe for their children, do you know why children must travel long distances to get proper education????

    With love and respect, please read, and find truth not perceptions then we can debate.

  10. Liam Uber September 1, 2011 at 1:33 am #

    I agree 100% with what Moeletsi Mbeki says in this article:

    Mbeki is concerned about poor governance, corruption and lack of African entrepreneurship. To fix these shortcomings is a huge undertaking which would require a vibrant democracy, IMO. (Sounds like he is for capitalism, which would be opposed to your position.) He is not for pouring the present framework down the drain.

  11. Liam Uber September 1, 2011 at 11:42 am #

    Thank you for your thought provoking responses, BTW

    John Pilger apparently documents some of the well known, major problems of the West, especially abuse of power (CIA, unnecessary wars, etc). I especially agree with his concern about the bias in news media:

    The challenge for you, then, is how to attack the problems? Unlike you, I think it is futile to try to replace democracy, because your efforts will be co-opted by the majority, as such efforts always are. More effective would be to radically change the system from within.

    BTW, it is not fair to equate the colonizers with democracy. Africa was colonized by Europe, a hodge-podge of monarchies and dictatorships, NOT democracies, till well into the 20th century.

    The oldest and truest democracy is the USA, which itself was a colony till 1776 and did not “colonize” to any significant degree. (Possible exceptions: Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc). The real difference with the USA is that Europe never had the equivalent of the Bill of Rights.

  12. truthbetoldnotsold September 5, 2011 at 6:57 pm #

    @Liam………………………………..Wow, your ignorance is unbelievable!
    Where have you been my brother?
    I do not have the energy to educate you now. find the few books on Africa and South African struggle and apartheid, colonisation, War of Ideologies and stop reading with liberal blindnesss…..please

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