CUMJUVA A Great success although looms a betrayed perspective of FREEDOM

10 Oct

Written by Sabelo Dludla

The World Afrodescendant Youth Summit (WAYS) is the most  exciting milestone in the history of Afrodescendants. It gives more hope even than the declarations that gave birth to African Union and other African oriented tools of engagement with our infinite struggle for  freedom and self-advancement. I say so because the young lions have taken the centre stage and facilitated amongst themselves a platform that allows for more than just exchanging perspective but engaging outside of the normal spaces. That said my hope and enthusiasm has room for disappointments.


My coming to Costa Rica to contribute and learn from my brothers and sisters  during CUMJUVA has had expectations, and I know everyone who showed up had such expectations too, even if not similar.

I had hoped that before the seminars and deliberations begin we would look at whose paradigm do we use in our deliberations. I had also hoped that the panels will be chosen based on seeking regional understandings. Unfortunately in the part of my country ~CUMJUVA gave a politician, Mr Andile Lungisa (NYDA the podium, and we already lost footing L.  Andile did a great job however revealing his spiritual nudity and what has become of the government of South Africa. That said I waste no time on the government that let our lives be battle for survival.

I had hoped that we would start by declaring that we are Afrodescendants and as a result we would for once take the African paradigm of navigating the world, for how can we agree that the world is anti-black (see Troy Davis, Andries Tatane, Amadou Diallo, Steve Biko, Thomas Sankara, Chris Hani, Zimbabwe, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia…that’s if you don’t believe the world is anti-Africa…) I understand that in Central America and to a degree in the Caribbean the Afrodescendants there don’t face direct military operations of the US, and they face worst in the CIA operations and capitalism strangling and racism as faced globally, and UN and UK, we are under siege. We face western COUP DE TAT supported by the very same organizations that gather us to talk Rights Law and Justice, on the paradigm of our oppressors.

I had hoped that our deliberation will be guided at best by Afrodescendant spiritual understanding of the world, not the perspectives of the people who have identified themselves as our enemy and who have spent all their lifetime to destroy and keep us under subjugation. In this regard I believe we already dropped the ball, and maybe I have been harsh to say we sold out, for all the Afrodescendants, with an exception to a few, have agreed that ‘not everyone who helps us is our friend and comrade’. I add that all organizations with ‘UN’ are tools to destroy and keep us under the thumb of oppression forever. This include UNESCO, UNAID, USAID, UNCHR, UNHR…and most of them who use liberal language against military and underhanded assault on Africans. My view is that we cannot afford to be liberal at this time when military bases are being build in Botswana and American battle ships dock in the Somali waters claiming to be fighting pirates, which are actually Somalia’s coast guards that protect Somali waters from the very same Western Countries that dump toxic wastes in the horn of Africa. WE Are BEING KILLED Everyday by OUR POLITICIANS AND THEIR WESTERN CONTROLLERS, and stools like UN, NATO, USAID and all these global tools are part of this WAR ON AFRICA.


While we used ways to connect and plot our strategies under the table, I have already reservations with Afrodescendants working in Washington. Knowing Condolesa Rise, Collin Powell, Barack Obama and many black liberals makes me uneasy. Especially when after I spoke a sister who is a banker in Washington stood up to directly while being indirect, clarify that she is there to use the ‘Washington’ tools and not to engage on African perspective…she would later present the most evil tool of the western banking system as a viable and desirable tool for Afrodescendants. This view needs to be understood and not dismissed without fully understnding how is UNESCO really used. UNESCO steals lands in Central America, Africa and the East by calling them World Heritage Sites, thus these lands no longer belong to the people but the UN, which Africans do not control or write the policies, but enemies of Africa do.

I was also offended by other presentations made by ‘officials’ from global organization on issues like RIGHTS, LAW, JUSTICE. When you live in a continent under paralyzing attack and legal looting by white supremacy you cannot take lying down the presentation of the white’s only fraternal organizations as tools of liberation. It seemed to me that WAYS had already decided that we are subjects of ‘white imperialists domination’ and we must keep it that way. How can we accept for once that the people who came to our land and raped our mothers and killed our fathers would provide us the tools for liberation? How can we accept without questions that people who invented, slavery, colonization and all the evil experience afrodescendants have experienced can one day give us tools of Liberty ?

With all these frustrations I focused on the positive nature of the event and the heavenly possibilities. We emerged victorious in more ways than one. Some might say but UN’s put money in our course. To this I say they should and we demand they keep doing so because everything the world sees in America and Europe was build on our blood. The world owes Afrodescendants so much they can never pay us back for our pain and theft that happened in Africa.





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