Dyingcracy is what I call the slow death by democracy

16 Mar

South Africa identified the lack of skills and education as the reason South African youth are unemployed; involved in crime, drugs and sex that litters the streets with teenage mothers. The political solution is more shocking than the statistics of these anti-social behaviors.


death by fire

death by fire

The solution from the politicians, specifically the ruling party, was to encourage the mushroom of FET colleges. Called Further Education and Training colleges, these institutions are nothing but what you get in high school for former model C or to put it in South African terms, ‘white schools’. Yet often an FET graduate is still no match for someone with just a matric certificate from someone from, let’s say Parktown or DHS (Durban High School.) The promotion of FET education to black youth is so strong that it is clear that a large percentage of black youth will never have an academic mind. I agree we need plumbers and carpenters but it should really be because people want to do FET education not because university education is made in-accessible via costs and the obvious inequality of our society.
The African National Congress has a duty to every black person to re-dress the injustices of colonization and apartheid. To me this even means the land minerals must be nationalized to provide academic education to all those who had their future changed by apartheid. To say the born frees are not victims of apartheid is stupidly ignorant and insulting. Because apartheid determined what opportunities your grandparents can afford your parents thus determining how your parents could be able to equip you. Black people don’t want handouts, they want sound social re-dress and for me that re-dress is education and exposure that allows us to dream again, and to believe again. Else how were our parents to encourage us to dream when they saw their dreams being deferred?
The ruling party closed teacher colleges, merged technikons with universities thus creating only universities that have almost a uniform academic approach to education while technikons had a near technical kind of education and much more affordable than universities even in terms of admitting via results. The ruling party did not consult and does not consult properly when it comes to education. I will not even bother about the lowering of standards in high schools. It is clear the intellect and academic muscle is under attack, especially for those who cannot afford to buy education because although there are government institutions but the hidden truth is that education is in a way long been privatized. I have worked with both high school students and graduates and the level of intellect and the ability to grasp has dropped.
There is a consolidated effort to make black youth accept FET education as the last and greatest level of education suitable for them. In a country that lacks academics, leaders, social justice advocacy, independent minded journalists, problem solving scientists/ architects/entrepreneurs. Why is the ruling party lowering the bar and denying black youth to aim for the stars? And why do social movements, unions, political parties, social commentators finding no fault at this band-aid approach to problem solving? South Africa is not rising, it is dying a slow death. Not just morals but dreams, passion, hope, and the right to dignity.
Over the past 3 years I have taken several courses on social advocacy and they all brainwash activists into ‘advancing democracy’. But to what end?

By Ang Rely On
Ang Rely On is a filmmaker, youth development agent and enemy of social injustice.


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