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the war of the Gods

23 May

the majority of black people get consumed by the medium. start talking shit about NEW AGE values and ONE WORLD desires. some go as far as calling themselves WORLD CITIZENS. i have seen a few countries, and none accept black people as their citizens. some claim they do but they call them REFUGEES. even the white people of CAPE TOWN, SOUTHERN AFRICA call Africans refugees in their own land. the black South Africans call the Chinese people Africans, but Zimbabwean and Mocambique people are called foreigners, amakwerekwere(someone who speaks something you can not understand. later changed to a deragatory term by the white media and their black stooges) … everytime you try to solve the mental problems of the black mind. you get thrown off the exit, until you shut up. and whiteness continues to feed on blackness. we are below slaves but we talk and psyche ourselves up with dreams of whiteness and it is alway IF I COULD MAKE MORE MNEY ILL BE WHITE AND BUY DIGNITY. the ones who wont bend to be fucked by white imperialism are punished by career suffocation. the ones who do not care about careers like me end up with fake white friends, studying them, documenting them, profiling them and if possible, feeding them self destructive white ideas like REVOLUTION, ANARCHISM and all the other ISMS that have been invented by those seeking eternal dominance. it is the war of the ages. very few black parents have told their children the story of creating, the promise SIMAKADE* made or even the meaning of this ere, the era of IMAGES (IMMORTAL+AGE).
so sometimes black people are thrown off by white media, especially the Jewish media creators. we are told not to call it when we see it because hating a Jew is like hating God. So we are forcefed News, Views, Jews…we see the Christians too selling their souls…talking shit about a home in Jerusalem…i ask my Aunt DO YOU KNOW WHERE IS JERUSALEM. she says -i dont-i say then what the hell you seeing THIS IS NOT MY HOME, MY HOME IS IN JERUSALEM for??? she does not stand alone. millions of black women have been taking abuse from men, and turning to the elder women, the elder women recommend Jesu Krestu…and so we die, spirit and flesh. some of us have a terrible thing of seeing through the mirrage. but didn Jesus de Krist die for seeing through the mirrage.
at some point we will get tired of telling, we will fight fire with fire. we will be called dictators, we will be hunted and even killed for show like bhambatha, biko, sankara, lumumba even gaddaff··i, saddam··. when we produce stories to reveal these horrors, it gets sidelines and shelved by the eating lot.
one minute whe are human, the next we are animals, never MANKIND. some marry religion, some marry money, some marry all under consumerism. in the end it is not a problem. it is the seeing that are ANGRY, NEGATIVE, HATEFUL, AND OBSESSED WITH RACE…ONE DAY…we will have to account … for even a man who denies his ancestors, when faced with a beast in the jungle he prays for strength, only to survive and die another day.